Last night I had a very annoying dream about Joaquin. So, I was looking like Liv Tyler, but I was a character from a film and he was my character's boyfriend. These characters ( I and Joaq) really wanted to go further in their relationship (if ya know what I mean) but they had no place to do it. He was really anxious so we found an old building (I think it used to be a school), guarded by an old guy. He promised not to let anybody in so thet we could focus on our matters but UNFORTUNATELY there were many people passing through and we had no piece. We both were scared that someone would come in and see us! In the end, NOTHING happened and the dream finished. The only thing that came to my mind was the Jagger's words "I can get no satisfaction" - maybe he also had very annoying dreams?:)))))))))) - Andzia (that's a Polish name)

I had this weird dream I was trying to show him pictures of himself and he was hiding under a bedcover and he peeped over the bedclothes. and that was it I walked out of the room .I cant believe how silly I was, I was in a room with Joaquin and I walked out it was really weird. -Adeline

However, my dear friends, I have an even better, though shorter one from last night. The premise was simple enough. You ever do a load of laundry in the evening, and you throw clothes that you currently have on in as well. It was kinda like that. Joaq had thrown his shirt in as the washer was filling up. I thought that was a good idea and whipped my shirt off and threw it in as well. As the washer started up we suddenly realized that there wasn't any detergent in it! So I threw some in, but Joaq wasn't convinced that the detergent would get down to the bottom so he thrusts his hands/arms into the cold water to force the detergent down toward the bottom. So he pulls his arms out and they're wet and cold and I grab a towel and dry his arms off..... However I will say that no more clothes came off, and nothing THAT exciting happened. Though his skin WAS nice and cool from being in the water (*swoon*) ...nice on the lips -NoirRose

I have had two particularly memorable dreams, in one he was sat on my bed and we were playing some sort of board game which I think was my brain's interpretation of backgammon, and then he leant over and kissed me (at which point I just sort-of melted into the wall) and then I woke up and my heart was literally pounding!! In the other he was again at my house (which wasn't actually my house) and I don't really remember what else happened, I remember making him a cup of tea (with milk, whoops!) and talking with him and my brother, but the rest, alas, is just a distant blur. -Kate

>Friday morning i get up and walk up to the window realizing its not a window but a tent opening and im younger, i mean about 5. there's  2 men practicing with their swords. i walk over and one is Quintus the other Maximus. i join in and learn how to become a legionnaire.
>fast forward to about 12 years, to the age i am now, 17, and im back in his forest but looking different now. im wearing the black amour of the praetorians!!! and my task is different, im leading the other six behind a carriage, in which Commodus and Lucilla are inside.
>fast forward a couple of months and there i am again behind Commodus. it gets later in the day and he pulls me aside removing my helmet realizing im a woman, well almost. he takes me into a room and tells me that my secret is safe with him. blah blah blah wake up next morning next to him <in bed i hasten to add> and realized what ive done <duh> i get out of bed have my armor back on me and leave as i leave im ordered to stop and asked why i didnt attend the meeting. i get arrested after a hoary fight and Quintus removes my helmet and gasps your my daughter!!! i then go to be executed in the arena against Commodus. the strange thing is he starts to cry because he has killed me, and im a ghost in the crowd watching him...
Very strange indeed.- Hathor

My oft-wondered daydream consists of sitting next to him in a big, green, fragrant meadow, and looking down on him as he's sleeping in the grass. The sun is making dark copper highlights in his hair, his lashes are forests on his cheeks, and he looks so beautiful. Then I just lightly touch his face, just enough for me to feel his skin, but light enough that he might sleepily think a butterfly brushed past him. Sooo nice.-Leigh 

i dreamt i was actually in Gladiator, as a legionnaire. i am killing this barbarian when another captures me. i get chained up and the chief barbarian comes in. he stabs me and removes his helmet. shock and horror comes across my face when it is Commodus! all he says to me is Am i not merciful? he keeps on shouting it (like a stuck record) and stabbing at the same time. i dont have any idea where this came from! i actually woke up not long after that in a cold sweat, i stumbled down the stairs and have now sprained my ankle. i was actually frightened walking down those stairs!-Hathor

I was a gladiator in it and was typical fighting in the coliseum. But here's the weird bit. Commodus is watching from his box, but hes seated not in his chair but his bed. Most of the dream I'm fighting to get closer to him, so I can kill him *boo* I manage to survive and get close to the royal box where I jump up and land on the bed and knock him backwards. He draws a dagger and I knock that out of his hands. I'm about to stab him when I look at him and falter and miss. I'm on top of him faces close when. when... I wake up. DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN.
Sigh, I would of certainly liked to dream a little longer. Maybe thats why I have trouble remembering them because they end just as the good bits coming up *pout* -Loo

i have this recurring dream, where im in the coliseum, fighting against two of my best friends. The emperor, who is obviously Joaquin/Commodus, takes pity on us, and invites us up to the imperial box to watch the rest of the show. Im my dream he is always smiling! im then walking around the palace with him, and hes telling me how sad he is that his dad didnt love him, and how much he needs it. i always wake up happy, thinking its the sweetest dream! ive had a couple where ive been on a plane with him, and its always been a daydream that i would work on a movie with him, that would just be wonderful! -Kiella 

Finally ive had a nice dream, but it wasnt Commodus it were Max California! i remember i was the case with Wells and i remember meeting Max somewhere before. We go to a club and have a few drinks. he says are you a cop cause if you are you have to tell me. just like in the film. i say what would you me to be? and he says mine! i stand their and kiss him, its the most passionate kiss ive ever had. well we leave the club and I'll leave the rest to you i think!!-Hathor 

I had a Joaquin dream that was very vivid and fun. It was kind of like watching a new Joaquin movie. I wasn't in it at all. Joaquin was kind of a semi-bad guy in it (he was kind of a cross between Willie and TNT, without the cartoonish qualities). He looked 100% exactly like Joaquin down to the very scar on his lip! Anyways, he was acting all tough to some girl, and her grandfather (played by Richard Farnsworth for some strange reason) shows up and threatens Joaquin's character. And, Joaquin's character says a really great line in return (I don't remember what it was, but I just liked the way he said it). He had a lot of great lines, and he was doing an excellent job with the character. I've never had a dream that vivid before, where such small details as character development and acting (the great way he said his lines, etc.) were very clear. And, it was weird, because I kind of new what direction the movie was going in. I new that Joaquin's character was going to have a big transformation in the end, and become less arrogant (and end up with the girl). But, someone woke me up before I was able to finish the dream. Anyways, that's the only Joaquin dream I've ever had.-Suzanne

i dont remember this but the other night i had a party with some close mates. we all fell asleep, or that was what i thought! apparently i was there with my finger pointed towards the ceiling and i said. 'beware of that senator gaius, he'll pour a honeyed potion into your ear and you'll wake up and all you an say is republic, republic, republic.!! oh how embarrassing it that! and then i was saying loads of other stuff including standing up and giving a very good speech thanking people for choosing me to be president. ????-Hathor

i was in the super market, and i was a.. wait for it......... a turkey. yeah, well anyway, joaq was there, and he picked me up, and took pity on me, and saved me from the hordes of thanksgiving turkey buyers (though i think it was a little late) i think we got married after that.........bizarre!-Kiella 

 I was sitting and chatting to him over coffee, and he kept ordering more and more coffee. I didn't want to feel bad, so I kept drinking tea and eventually I felt terribly sick. Then something woke me up ... if only we could have gotten past the coffee- Melancthe 

Well, last night I had a dream in which Joaquin was the main player. Does it count when I wasn't involved, except as if I, myself, was Joaquin? The basic premise of the dream was that Joaquin/I was a Willie Gutierrez style character, who is betrayed and killed by a friend. The "friend" is really working for the police. Just to add to the general hilarity Joaquin's/my pregnant girlfriend has a miscarriage. Fun, fun, fun.-scousergirl 

I had a dream with Joaquin last week and I forgot to report it.. so hear it is..

I was inside an elevator and then I saw Willie. He was wearing those incredibly sexy suits and was carrying a brief case. Then he exit the elevator quickly and Erika was waiting for him.. I was following them and then I met Leo.. He grabbed my arms and pulled me inside his Mercedes.. I didn't know what was happening.. and then I woke up inside the dream and saw Joaquin.. not Willie. He said.. Don't worry.. for everything else is just cash. You won't get into trouble (I mixed Joaquin with Willie's lines). Then I said.. But you said this in the movie The Yards.. and then he asked.. What movie? I am not an actor..
And the next scene was in the yard of a rich mansion.. and I saw James Caan..

He said.. We are waiting for you.. I asked.. Where am I?
He said.. You are at home. Willie is waiting for you. Did you know Erika is devastated?
I asked.. What r u talking about? Then he said.. Because Willie is marrying you instead of her.. Then I was taken back to the elevator.. and I woke up..-Natasha 

 I was at a Gladiator premiere, but it was out in the middle of nowhere. So Connie and Richard were there, as was Joaquin. I was getting ready to leave, but I hadn't gotten an autograph from Joaquin, so I decided to go look for him quickly. I was almost run over by a motor home, and in it was Russell Crowe, who had hurt his shoulder. So I ran off when I saw Joaquin in the distance. He was carrying a bunch of posters of house plans and I ran up to him debating whether to call him Joaquin or Mr. Phoenix (I settled on Joaquin). So I asked him for an autograph and he started to give me this attitude. Eventually I got sick of arguing with him and shouted, "Listen, I just wanted an autograph, Is that too hard, it'll take three second." He looked shocked and gave me the autograph on a napkin. So then the next day I went home and there was this door-sized package on my front step and the Fed-Ex man asked me to sign. I signed and then opened it and it was this huge painting of a rainforest scene. It was from Joaquin and there was also an autographed photo and an apology note. How weird is that?- Aurora Aelia

i had this dream where i was on holiday in the big apple when i went to see the x-men premiere?? i watched the film this day. i remember somebody shouting Sarah, Sarah im your blind date! (what??) i turned around to see Joaquin looking more gorgeous than ever as max C. i then went in watched the movie and when its finished, Joaquin said to me (ok embarrassing confession here) that guy sitting next to you knows you fancy him. i turned to see who it was and it was wolverine! the even stranger thing was the dream fast-forwarded like u do on a video and i woke up with both Joaquin AND wolverine (Hugh jackman) beside me in bed!!!! what a dream!-Hathor 

In the dream, I'm carrying around this life-size, cardboard cut-out of Joaquin. It's not a character, it's him, I think he was wearing his black suit and white shirt. Anyway, I'm carrying this thing around to theatres, bars, restaurants yelling "LOOK HE REALLY IS 5'6", THIS IS A REPLICA OF JOAQUIN'S GOD-GIVEN PSYCHE (sic)!!!! I'm spastic as I yell this over and over. I hold up the card board cut out, stand real close to it, wrap it's oddly realistic arms around my body and yell "I'M 5'4" AND THIS REPLICA IS TALLER SO THAT PROVES HE'S 5'6"!!!! When I wrapped the arms around me, they felt real and the cut-out was more than cardboard, it became lifelike.-Joaqamole

In it, Joaquin is walking around quite clueless in an underground train station. He keeps going up the stairs that lead out into the outside - Roads, shops....
But then he comes down again. He keeps repeating this again and again. He doesn't know what to do with himself.

Then I come along. I seem to work in the station (lovely). I am painting the banisters of the stairs that Joaquin is going up. I'm painting them gold!!
I know that I'm going to get fired for it, but I don't give a rat's ass. My life is very mundane. I want a better life.
Then, Joaquin comes down the stairs again. This time he gets gold paint all over his hands. He isn't angry and starts laughing. He looks at me with my pot of paint in my arms, and points at me. He says:
"I believe this paint is yours" (He lays out his palms). Then he says, "Do you want your paint back?"
Before I can answer, he's grabbed my hands, and spread the paint all over them!
I start laughing too. Then Joaquin grabs me and starts dancing with me - I mean REAL flash throwing me up in the air! Rock and Roll dancing. The song we're dancing to is that song from the 60's or 70's with the lyrics: "Feel the need, feel the need in me"
And it also has the lyrics "Just place your hand in mine"
No one is watching us...we're just dancing!!!!-Synona Skies

I was with a whole group of kids in a school hall - turned out to be a orphanage / children's' home (not that I've ever been to one..). Joaquin was there with a group of other young men, and it turned out (as it does in dreams..!) they were making a film. In the first scene, J wasn't in it, but I was climbing out the window and crawling over the roof, to get away from someone (don't know who or why..). Next thing I knew, Joaquin is a policeman/detective interviewing me in a cell getting really argumentative and violent with me. I threw his papers across the room, and he pinned me up against the wall by my wrists (oo-er, no, not like that) and I was crying and screaming... of course this was the scene we were doing for the film. All I knew was he was a bent cop and I'd just realized he was involved with the 'something bad' happening at the children's home... Then I woke up... not a nice dream, but would make a good film !!-Ruthie

I had a dream back when the rest of you were going to the Quills premiere, and I brushed up against him in the hallway, and a few days ago I had another one where I went to a premiere (that just happened to be at my old middle school!) and was disappointed about not seeing him there so I left early and went out into the parking lot and this white van pulls up and inside is none other than: JOAQUIN! So he gets out and I start rambling about how much I love him and I start to cry, and he hugs me and starts crying too...hmm...maybe it has something to do with the fact that I love to see him cry..ahh...I think if I went up to him crying in real life he'd run away and think I was nuts!...but that's what dreams are for, right??? It's okay, maybe you'll all understand when we're married! :D- EileenK 

I was in Rome (ancient Rome). I have no honest clue as to who I was, but I think it may have been some sort of servant, but I couldn't be sure. So I was wandering around in the royal palace (can't think of real names right now). Anyhow, I was with this other person and she was telling me that I was never, under any circumstances to go into the room at the bottom of the ramp. Being the non-listener that I am I ignored her comments that it would , "make him angry and terribly vexed," and went down the ramp as soon as she was gone. Needless to say, I got to the bottom of the ramp, and who was there???? Our dear little Commodus. He was pacing and ranting and fuming about something. He didn't notice me for a while, but then he did and he stalked over and asked who the blazes I was. I was about to spit out an answer when my brother chose that moment to pound on my bedroom door at 8:30 on a Sunday morning to see the wonderful new car he had gotten in Grand Turismo II. Needless to say, I was very mad and not just a little disappointed. Well, I'm babbling now, so I'll go.- Aurora Aelia 

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