My dream is in two parts which I had the same night both are amusing and

Dream number one - I'm a big time film director (as if, I'm just a lowly film
student) and I have just flown into London from LA.. I'm very tired as it has
been a long flight and all I want to do is to is relax and have a drink in my
local celebrity bar. I walk in and find out to my annoyance that the bar is
packed with screaming five year olds and not my A-list celeb chums. I call
for the manager and ask 'What the hell is going on'. He explained that it is
some celebrity (can't remember the name) kid's birthday and that they have
paid a hefty amount of money (that he could not refuse) to have it here.
While all this is going on I am accompanied by what feels like boyfriend
material - Joaquin Phoenix. He remains quiet and close by my side, watching
me intently amused by sudden outburst.  We collect our drink and sit down as
far as away humanly possible from the annoying spolit brats. Then I notice
that that clown which has been hired for entertainment is one of my friends
that I used to go to film school with. I am very happy to see him again (what
different jobs we have now) He is a bit annoyed that I am a film director now
and he is a clown. I can also feel that Joaquin is getting annoyed with me
now as he wants to spend some time with me alone. While all this is going on
my friend is still clowning around. Then he starts to strip for these five
years olds (the clown not Joaquin unfortunately)  everyone goes mad (with
glee!!!) the whole place has erupted. Everyone thinks that this is the best
clown's act since slice bread. I'm like 'This is f*****g genius, I can't
believe no one has ever thought of this.' I turn to Joaquin and tell him
this, he agrees and is smilling away happily (swoon)

Dream number two - I'm at a big celebrity party, everyone is dressed in very
exspensive designer clothes, except me because I have just walked of the
street. (I'm just me now not a big shot film director)  A lot of my close
friends are there as well mixing with the celebs. I'm trying to tell my
friends about the above clown's act and what a stroke of genius it is but
no-one cares to listen to my whole story as they find other people more
interesting. I get more and more agitated when I hear someone shout my name.
I turn round and there is Joaq....no Nicholas Cage. He says 'I've heard you
got a story to tell me.' I run to him and give him a big hug. He feels like
an old and very much trusted friend. I'm just about to tell him my clown
story when the crowd behind me parts and Joaquin strides through dressed very
sexily in a dark suit and white shirt. He has two very tall and beautiful if
vacant beauties, one on each arm. There is also one running behind like a
lost puppy. Joaquin looks arrogant and pretentious, pleased with all the
attention he is consuming. He is walking straight for me I feel anger inside
(some past history) we look deep into each others eyes waiting for the other
one to subside like a stare out competition. Girls are calling his name, he
loves it. he smiles wickedly. One woman says to him as he walks past that she
will be round in the morning while waving keys to his room teasingly infront
of him. They all want to be with him to go with him now. We are still staring
at each other as he is a step away from me I can smell him. He smells clean
but manly. As he walks past we have the same idea, we both smack each others
shoulder against the other - hard. Its like we are starting a fight with each
other urging each other on. But it is both beneath us, he walks on out. ~ Not
quite the ending I hoped for but very emotional anyhow.  I wonder if my old
mucker Nick helped me through the split?~Pink Kat

My dream felt very real, it was weird too. I was in this club and I was performing. When I see joaquin drinking and smiling at me. I was smiling back , but i was to nervous to even look at him , he came up to me and told me " want to dance",I said "yeah, sure". So then we danced and blood started to come out of nowhere.  I was like "oh shit, what the fuck is happening". Then we kissed for some reason I was about to melt. His lips were so smooth. Then suddenly Vampires start coming out of nowhere. Then I become Tomb Raider , me and joaquin Start kicking Vampire butts. It was so cool. Then when we were finished wolfs came out , and we kicked their ass'es too. We finally finished and he told me "nice fight".  I said  " Thanks , you had a good fight too". He told me " want to go to my place " , I said "yeah". And he had a motorcycle , that was so cool , then we went to his place and then the magic happened. That dream was the coolest dream ever. In the end we were dating  and we become slayers. And then I woke up , I started to scream "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO". (In my head).

In my dream it started with Lucilla/Connie trying to talk Commodus/Joaquin into going somewhere with her. Sitting on his throne he said something like. "I don't like concerts Lucilla, you know that." The dream fastforewarded to later and I was standing in the middle of the Collesseum and Lucilla comes out and tells me that Emperor is coming. I'm freaked! I was so nervous because I was supposed to be singing for everyone there. Shaking I fixed the speakers and microphone (have no idea where they came from) so they could all hear me and the Emperor comes in. I start singing and immidiatly screw up the song I'm singing, horrified I feel like running away until I look at Commodus then begin singing something different to get his attention. I sing an Enya song, "May it be", flawlessly and the crowd cheers me on I sing about an hour or so and after the concert was finished Lucilla came and told me that Commodus wanted to see me. I went, even more nervous then I had been singin and I met him. We had diner together he told me "I had a beautiful voice, it was a rare gift." (where'd that come from?) And I thanked him and after diner I left, he asked me to stay but I left!! ~Jenae