It's All About Love

Updated: June 10th 2001

"Joaquin Phoenix is in Copenhagen, Denmark, filming his newest movie It's all about love  by danish director Thomas Vinterberg. The actor and co-star Claire Danes have been accommodated in private homes instead of hotels. According to the movie's producer, Lars Rahbek, Joaquin is so down to earth that he is riding around on a bicycle in Copenhagen, instead of sitting in a limousine, like many other stars prefer. They will stay in Denmark for a month, and then move to Trollhättan, Sweden, to continue the shootings."

"Yesterday the shootings of Joaquin Phoenix's newest movie It's all about love started in Trollhättan, Sweden. They began at 1:30 pm and Joaquin arrived just around that time in a car with a private chauffeur. According to the newspaper, he looked extremely tired. The night before, Phoenix was on a dance restaurant called "Gransäter" in Trollhättan where he, Claire Danes and the rest of the team enjoyed a Spanish inspired dinner. After Joaquin had spoken with Thomas Vinterberg in the sunshine for a while, they started the shootings. When done with it, the rest of the team ate dinner together, except Joaquin who drove away with the private chauffeur. They have been very secret about the movie so far, but next week the film company has invited the press."

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