Trollhättan - the Hollywoodstars have arrived in small village, Trollhättan.
Last night, when Joaquin Phoenix and Clair Danes presented the Danish director Thomas Vinterberg's new movie "It's all about love", Joaquin Phoenix refused to answer some of the questions seriously.
"I had not read the manuscript before I came here!  I thought I was doing a birddance (this might not been translated right lol), but when it did not work out, I thought okay - I will do this movie instead !!" Joaquin said.
" It is all about love " - having world premiere in a year - is Thomas Vinterberg's first motion picture after the Dogme movie "Festen".
It is a lovestory between the world famous princess of iceskating, Elena played by Cair Danes and John played by Joaquin Phoenix. The world is falling apart but just when they are about to sign their divorce papers they realize that their love is worth fighting for !
"It is a more mature version of Romeo and Juliet" Claire Danes said . Like Romeo and Juliet get married and then part.
It is all about love is being shot with 35 millimeter film. Ben van Os (from the movie Orlando) has made the scenography. They promise some unique special effects and the budget is suposedly around 100 million Swedish crowns - about 10 mio.US $.
"The whole idea was to make a movie completely opposite Dogme movies. The movie's decadent - features a lot of colours and light. It feels refreshing says Thomas Vinterberg.
"But because the language being spoken in the movie is English and not Danish, don't think it's gonna be neither a box office nor a conventional movie", Vinterberg promises.
"I'd like to state that it's a brave - almost suicidal project. It's kinda strange. But for that reason I inevitably hope that a lot of people are gonna watch it."
The movie is being shot in New York, Copenhagen - and Trollhätten. The studios are being guarded very carefully.
Here by Thomas Vinterberg follow his colleague, Lars von Trier's foot steps. - Lars von Trier won a prize in the Cannes Film Festival for his movie "Dancer in the Dark" - which in fact also was a "Trollywood recording".
"I must admit that I knew very little of Trollhätten before I got here. But I'm learning and I'm having a great time in Trollywood", Claire Danes said - she was the most open of the two Hollywood stars. The Danish reporters even had their moment when she said: "I love Copenhagen. I had such a cozy apartment there -with "hygge". Hygge is a typical Danish phenomenon - no translation in any language.. but the English word describing it closest - is the word "cozy".


The Danish Newspaper "Berlingske Tidende" wrote the 7th of February 2001 that Joaquin infact already was in Denmark in the end of January this year. The Nimbus producer Lars Rahbek told the newspaper that Nimbus really wanted Joaquin to meet the press when he was here , but Joaquin wanted to wait until after April when the shootings would start ! " Joaquin thought it was a bit to early" he says. The filmcompany should have been a bit dissapointed about that !


Berlingske Tidende" had with Joaquin in Cannes last year ! He was there because of the  "The Yards" , and the newspaper got the chance to get an interview with him !

Your character Willie is really a kind of a fop ?
Yes the clothes is very important for this figure, since he is trying to camouflage his insecurity with the help of his clothes. I have with time discovered that people who are very vain normally in reality are very insecure.  Since Willie is heavy built, I had to put on some weight for the role, and kept that weight gain in my role in Gladiator. But now I have lost the extra weight !
Willie is kind of a villain - but on the other hand still not ?
I don't see him as a villain. He is a man who is looking for the perfect family, and it is an important point that you never see his real family in the movie, all the persons in this movie are from broken homes, and unfortunately that is very typical for our time.
At the same time Willie represents the American Dream, that means the dream about material prosperity , but he never gets a proper guidance that could have taught him how to get this prosperity in a decent way.
I am not approving Willie's actions in the movie, but I have symphaty for him as a human being !
You are the brother to departed River Phoenix, and belong to a whole family of actors ?
Yes , our parents encouraged us all to express ourselves artistically, and I would wish that all kids get the same experience. We painted, played music and when one child in a family of brothers and sisters starts on something, the others have a tendency to follow. River was the first of us who became an actor, and the rest of us followed him - we are five siblings !
Your sister Summer Phoenix has the leading role in Annaud Desplechin's movie " Ester Kahn" that also are being showed here in Cannes, what do you think about it ?
It is very hard for me to be objective. I know how hard Summer worked for that part, because when she was in London to shoot " Ester Kahn" I was in town to be in " Gladiator". I think my sister is an outstanding actress, and I am very proud of her.
Were there no conflicts between you and your siblings ?
All kids go through a phase where they revolt against their siblings and want to be different, but things like that just could not happen at our place. An example is when I started to ride a scateboard to be different, then they all started to do the same, and in that way you never escape from your family !
You must be very pleased that "Gladiator" was such a success  ?
I am, but I am very naive, and during the shootings I never thought about if the movie would be a success or not. I only thought about the work with my own character. But it is really  due to Ridley Scott that it was a success. Many doubted that it would it be a success, afterall it is a movie about guys running around in a toga - right ?
Latest you have been in the movie " Quills"
It is directed by Philip Kaufman and based on a play about Marquis de Sade, it is a fictive store , and actually pretty funny, untill the ending takes a very dramatic turn. My character is the head of the Charenton-institution, where Marquis de Sade was. All the patients there, got the same treatment no matter what kind of mental illness they were suffering from.
In the movie my figure get warm feelings for the lady's maid played by Kate Winslet, but it does not develope to a sexy and sweatdripping relationship, but more to a romantic one. And besides this the movie is about humanistic longings and national suppression, and the funny thing is to have a sexmachine like Marquis de Sade trapped in a story like this. In some ways " Quills" reminds me about an old Disney Cartoon, just with a lot of sexual subharmonic and a very outspoken form of humour.
The big fight in "The Yards" with Mark Wahlberg seems incredible realistic ?
You have to remember that it actually are two very good friends who are fighting, so this fight as in other movies should not be totally without feelings.
Mark and I wanted to describe a streetfight as realistic as possible, and how the adrenaline is pumping in two good friends who gets into a fight. The director James Gray, was just standing besides us shounting " Great, continue, kill eachother !"
The next day I was full of blue and yellow marks and my head hurt, but to be honest I think it is one of the best and most realistic fights, I have ever seen in a movie !
And the future ?
I am not sure, at the moment I am waiting for a movie project that I really like. I have just been in 3 movies in a row, and when I  finished, I was lying on my bed only wearing boxershorts for a whole week, I have never in my life been so exhausted !
Here are some interestíng details from the press conference from an article in the Danish newspaper "Politiken" June 1st 2001.
" It is all about love" Thomas Vinterberg said about his new movie with the same title. But is was not exactly love that the movie's star Joaquin Phoenix had to the project and its future destiny, when journalists from all of Scandinavia came to the press conference.
While the other star " Claire Danes fought a heroic battle to save some selfrespect, Joaquin Phoenix simply demonstrated a contempt for the movie's future audience with some impertinent and arrogant answers. If he answered at all !
When asked how come he chose to be in a Thomas Vinterberg movie instead of one of the big offers he gets he said to great fun for himself :
" I was really in Trollhättan to make a documentary about snow owls. But unfortunately we could not get any financial help for it, so I thought I just as well could be in Thomas's movie ."
When a journalist asked him if he had to compare John in "It's all about love" with Commodus.......... - well the journalist did not finish his question because Joaquin interupted him and said " I am not going to "
" To compare roles is one of the most crazy things to do , so I won't !!"
Mean while Thomas Vinterberg and the producer Birgitte Hald looked more and more uncomfortable.  And the mood at the press conference became more and more frustrated.
 Afterwards Birgitte Hald said to Politiken  :
" We should have predicted this, he is known to hate press conferences, but  it says in his contract that he has to go to some of them to promote the movie "!
But instead Birgitte Hald could be happy about Claire Danes, who knew how to sell the movie !
" I am part of this movie because it is an amazing manuscript, and because it is Thomas Vinterberg who is directing ! His movie " The Celebration" is one of my favourit movies , Thomas's creativity is fantastic, he has the ability to push us in all directions, he is great .
Infact I play 4 different characters is this movie, one of the them is as a Polish ice scater, it is a beautiful story, very traditional but also very experimenting ! " were some of the things Claire Danes said !
What Joaquin Phoenix thinks about the movie, and what he thinks about his character, were not mentioned, maybe another time.
" I feel great with the press, and I have never felt better then this moment " he said, while he demonstrative clapped with his small hands ! 
After the interview, Thomas Vinterberg talked with some of the journalists ! 
When Politiken asked him if he could " controle" Joaquin  he answered :
" I  am very pleased to get some stars who are so dedicated to the project, and who uses all their energy to give me what it says in the script, both him and Claire Danes are very sweet and charming. They are 100 % minded on doing their best for the movie, and they are  extreme humble towards everything new and our way to do things ! It is really a great pleasure to work with them  if I have to be totally honest and not ironic " Thomas Vinterberg said with an obvious hint to the chaotic press conference earlier !

Very Big thanks to Marissa for translating this articles