Spanish Magazine "YOU" - july 2000

The misterious boy

In the real life he is a joker, but Joaquin got a lot of fun being Comodus, the cruel Roman emperor

What did you know about the Roman history before you did Gladiator

Absolutely nothing! I learned a lot studiing some books of art and history of this times before the shooting begins. But I learned a lot of things from Connie Nielsen (Lucilla), because her room was like a libary!

What was the thing that surprised more from those times?

How the Roman empire take all the countries for theirself, and at last they lost all for their envy and corruption.

What do you thing about the real Comodus?

He was a tiran, sure, but at the same time he was debil, and that debility was his way of being cruel.

What would you do for a role?

Anything. I don't have any fear and I can do anything for getting a good role. I love to explore and create diferent personalities.

Would you say that actuing is the most important thing in your life?

No at all the ways. Sometimes I tell to myself: "Wait, working is not all in your life, there are a lot of things more interestings in your life"

An example?

Travelling arround the world. I do that since I was a child and I love it. The music is another of my hobbies, and I listen music all the free time I can. Then there is my family, my parents, my sisters and their sons.

How is the relation between you and your sisters?

Fantastic! I grow up rounded of womans, and for this I consider myself more woman than men (laugh). I think that this could be the title of my autobiography: "I think that I'm not a man". Understand women and their problems is part of my education.

Did it affect your relationships?

I don't know; you've to ask that to my exgirlfriends!

Are you with some girl at the moment?

No, only with myself. That starts when you've got a lot of personalities and autoobsession. Talking about this: Have you got boyfriend or you know some girl who would like to stay with me? (laughs)

Come on. I'm sure that you don't have any troubles for getting girls!

I'm not so sure.