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Intervieuw with Joaquin & Liv 


One Big Hippy Family-Life Mag. 87


New Phoenix Rising-Interview Oct. 95

Cry me a River-The Face Oct.

Joaquin Phoenix-Premiere UK edition Nov 95

Q&A w/Joaq- Details Magazine Nov 95

Shy Joaquin makes his mark in To Die For-USA Today


Phoenix Rising Toronto Sun 30 March 97

Liv Tyler`s Confession-Mr Showbiz March 97

Five Q's with Joaquin Phoenix, out of the Ashes- The News Times April 1997

Matured-Journal Now 97

The Most Beautiful cast in the world- on the net

Phoenix Shuffled into Stardom- Standard Time 97


The Love of Phoenix-MORE UK magazine 98

Phoenix Rising-People Magazine Sept. 98

By the time I get to phoenix-ELLE Mag Aug 98

Wild Child-POV Aug 98

Joaquin in Clay Pigeons- Rochester Goes Out Oct 98

Clay Pigeons Special-People Online 98

Clay Pigeons-Premiere World

Souring Phoenix-Rough Cut 98

Headstrong-Joaquin does it his way- Juice Magazine Dec 98

Reaching out to the stars in the Big Apple



On Loving Liv and Life after River- Cosmopolitan Feb 99 

The Reluctant Hero-Telegraph Mag Feb 99

Joaquin the Real Deal-Vogue Hommes spring/summer 99

Joaquin in LA-out Magazine March 99

To Die For-Sunday times April 99


Article-Sunday Herald Paper- April 00

Spare Him The Guardian May 00

The reluctant Hero- Juice Mag May 00

Interview bout Gladiator-iCast May 00

Even an emperor likes a good cry- This is London May 00

Phoenix has landed-This is London May 00

Joaq interview about Gladiator-EW online may 00

Phoenix Rising-N2Film May 00

Emperor Interruptus-if Mag May 00 

Tribute.ca interview

Phoenix Rising-8 days May 00

Hail Joaquin-Daily Express May 00

The Lead lads who want to shake the world-The Times May 2000

Joaquin Talkin'-EW June 00

In Reality I am really shy- Sugar June 00

River died and I changed my life-Now mag May 00

Triple Threat: Joaquin Phoenix Stirs The Oscar Echoes

A Phoenix called Wah-KEEN GQ magazine June 00

Hollywood's New Wild Guy-Skip June 00

Movies are Painful: Phoenix-Strait Times Interactive June 00

Tjeck June 00

Joaquin:Back in Business-Galaxie Mag July 00

the misterious Boys-Spanish Mag YOU July 00

Another Phoenix takes a big step into...-Interview Magazine August 00

Interview w/Joaq-Turkish Newspaper August 00

It's never too early for a mid life crisis-National Post Online Sept. 00

Love Lessons from Kate-Daily Mail UK Nov. 00

Film set means back to school for Phoenix-October 00

Joaquin Loses Fear-Nov. 00


A Spin in the Driver's Seat-Newsday Nov. 00

Movieline-Nov. 00

You must be Joaquin...Nov. 00

Following River's course


Meet Wok Bottom-Sunday Times Dec. 2000

Eye.net Interview

Lets Go To War Dark Horizons

The rise of an almost fallen star


Empire Jan 2001

Quills 2001

Joaquin Phoenix Joins the Mob in The Yards Feb 2001

Walking with demons March 2001

Another star rises March 2001

The Eyes Have It March 2001

Street Fighting man 2001

Aol interview 2001

Quills interview 2001

Cry, baby, all the way to stardom 2001

Details April 2001

Uomo Voque April 2001

Another Phoenix Rises April 2001

Premiere An Officer and a Hooligan 2001

Like a leaf carried away by the wind June 2001

Phoenix on the rise Australian Style June 2001


Premiere About Signs August 2002

My friend Vinterberg Danish Newspaper BT 25 July 2002

Joaquin & Talking 28 Juli 2002

Quietly making a name Joaquin Phoenix finds wide range of success The Chronicle 28 July 2002

Q&A with Joaquin Phoenix 30 July 2002  

Q&A with Joaquin Phoenix The Signs star on kiddie actors, career plans and other scary stuff

THE PHOENIX ENIGMA 28 July 2002 The Record

Phoenix Sees Sings 1 August 2002 Calgary Sun 

All Signs Point To Phoenix 1 August 2002 USA Today

Interview with Joaquin 4 august 2002 from handbag.com

'Signs' Frightens Actor Phoenix 5 August 2002

A Conversation with Joaquin Phoenix Star Chat 2002

Oddman In W Magazine August 2002

Flight Of A Phoenix 23 August 2002

Scary 'Signs' proved fun for Joaquin Phoenix 30 august 2002

Maxim september 2002

Joaquin Apart september 2002 The Sunday Times Magazine

Phoenix Rising, Sunday Herald

The Unwilling Super Talent Magazine Apu 


Total Film

'Signs' Stars Investigate New Projects

I am insecure Danish Magazine "Se Og HØr" september 6th  2002

Nervousness made me throw up Aftonbladet 8 september 2002

Woman september 2002

The actor who almost wasn't Evening Standard september 2002

Turning over a new Leaf

Signs Of Substance


WHOA Marie Claire October 2002

Army Go Home Interview October 2002

FOCUS October 2002


TVDirect November 2002

Signs Interview 2002


Starstyle Januari / Februari 2003

Eleven Bullets Black Book Feb/March 2003

Total Film UK 2003

You must be Joaquin The Observer July 20 2003

Hotdog 2003

Nothing For Joaquin Phoenix TV Guide July 2003

Drug use a dark topic for actor Toronto Star July 2003

A Conversation with Joaquin Phoenix July 2003

Article Buffalo Soldiers Empire August 2003

Joaquin's Private Drama NY Daily News 2003

Phoenix has no voice, wants to play singer San Francisco Chronicle August 2003

Joaquin Phoenix 'Soldiers' on in controversial role The Seattle Times August 2003

Order of The PhoenixTotal Film UK september 2003


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