08-09-Thanks to Fani for this, TV ALERT for the people in Finland, channell "Nelonen" called Nšin tehtiin: Signs (which means Making of Signs) on September 9th and starts at 00.10 AM till 00.20 AM Finnish time

*Article 'Signs' Stars Investigate New Projects, thanks to Dr StrangePaula from The Grove

*HERE an interview with Frank Marshall the producer of Signs at the Deauville Festival

He doesn't say anything about Joaquin

*Article from Fashion Wire Daily Scary 'Signs' proved fun for Joaquin Phoenix 30 august 2002


7-09-Courtesy Just Joaquin (she made a new lay-out for her site, you better go check it out :)), Article from Total Film, you can see the picture HERE

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06-09-Fani translated an interview called M. Night Shyamalan made a movie of crop circles
Good or bad signs? from a magazine called Apu, thanks a lot for that Fani :)

you can read the Joaquin part under here, if you want to read the whole 
article go HERE

The unwilling super talent

Shyamalan proved to be a man with a sense of humour in the interview and in Signs he says that for the first time he succeeded in bringing humour to his movie. The humour in the movie is done by Joaquin Phoenix - who surely proved to be one of the most self ironic Hollywood stars in the interview. He frets while smoking about being unable to give interesting answers and makes up lies as a counterbalance.
-A scene in which I make a shooting for Playgirl was cut out from the movie, Phoenix claims and starts begging for someone to even smile at his joke.
Phoenix says that he enormously appreciates Shyamalan's demanding way of directing, despite his young age, Shyamalan dares to put such super stars as Mel Gibson to make a scene again and again, until he feels it's precisely right.
On the other hand, Shyamalan appreciates Phoenix, whom he persuaded to the movie only days before the filming started to replace Mark Ruffalo, who had fallen sick. In the Premiere magazine Shyamalan said that Phoenix could be the biggest actor of his generation, if he only wanted to.
-I paid him for that comment, Phoenix says, faithful to his style.
Phoenix started his career as a child actor, like his sisters and River, who died of drugs. As a teenager Joaquin got tired to acting, but returned in the age of 17 to the field after moving to New York with his girlfriend.
-It wasn't until Gus Van Sant's To Die For that made sure that this is what I really want. About that movie, I had first thought that there was no sense in the story. They had to persuade me for a long time, to get me read the script, but after that I was worried that I'd lose the part.
Phoenix strengthened his position on the map of stars in Gladiator but the man doesn't push himself out. Now he is having a long holiday after making three movies last year, Buffalo Soldiers and Thomas Vinterberg's It's All About Love in Sweden, apart from Signs. Before them, he had a year off from work.
-Everyone asks about the significance of Gladiator to me, but I haven't noticed that the amount or quality of the scripts their giving me have changed. My civil life hasn't changed either and I really don't care about anything else, Phoenix says and his sincerity can't be doubted.
Phoenix twist with disbelief, when a French reporter asks for apparently the seventh hundredth time why Joaquin, who didn't have a symbolic name as River, Rain, Liberty or Summer, changed his name for a time as a child.
-My real name is Spanish. I was very strict about these name things and I was annoyed, if my name was pronounced wrong. Finally I wanted to change my name, but god only knows why I chose Leaf. Please forgive me.

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05-09-New long article from the Sunday Herald, Phoenix Rising with this nice picture, you can read it HERE

The article says that Buffalo Soldiers will be released 11 october


04-09-Don't forget that tomorrow on BBC 1 the episode of "Murder She Wrote" "We're of to Kill The Wizard of Oz" is with Leaf & Summer in it :), at 2:30pm till 3.35pm 

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Mel Gibson Quote from US Weekly:

*He's a strict vegan* Phoenix hasn't eaten meat or dairy since age 3.
Well maybe he slipped, Gibson says he made Phoenix a milkshake on the
Signs set - and Joaquin loved it. "He didn't realize I put eggs in,"
says Gibson with a devilish chuckle.


03-09-Just came back from the magazine store, couldn't find Sunday Times Magazine :(, I did find the german magazine Cinema, there in are like 5 pages about Signs, with some pictures from Joaquin in it, but no new one, also in the magazine Dreamwatch an article about Signs with some photos also no new pictures & a little article called Phoenix Rising, it is about why Joaquin did the movie Signs, I didn't buy any of them

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Mel gibson about practical jokes on Joaquin

Can you talk about pulling practical jokes on the set?
Gibson: There weren't too many big practical jokes. Wow. And Joaquin
was ripe for practical jokes, but I had mercy on him.
He had mentioned something about Vaseline in his trailer. Can you
talk about that?

Gibson: [Laughs.] Well, I don't remember a thing about it. What does
he mean? I think it was already there. Was it on his door handle?
[Laughs again.]
And he was locked up in the closet during one scene?
Gibson: Oh, that was funny. Yeah, that was funny. He was in a closet,
and he was doing his take, and everybody just turned off the lights
and left the set. And it was amazing, because he knew what had
happened from within the closet, and he was adamant that he was going
to win, and he wasn't coming out. He was not coming out until we all
came back and acknowledged that he was still in there. And he just
sat in there, and there's a very funny audio tape of the things he
said for about 15 minutes when he sat in there. And it said, "I know
you're out there." And like talking about getting his lawyers. It was
pretty funny. But he actually won. He won. I had to admire his

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You can see the cast from Signs talking about the movie HERE, also interview with Joaquin on it :) & some clips from Signs

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According to a French website, M. Night Shyamalan and Joaquin Phoenix
will do promotion at the 28th Festival of American Cinema in
Deauville, on the flower-decked coast in Normandy.

Sigsn will be playing on 7 september at The Deauville festival


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01-09-New article from The Sunday Times Magazine, thanks to Poly for this :)

You can read the article here Joaquin Apart

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