Christmas Book 

This cover was designed by Antje, thank you so much it's so gorgeous and peaceful! 

cover and back! 

 coveryellow.jpg (262502 bytes)  yellowback.jpg (191474 bytes)

The first is of course the cover, and back. This is confetti paper, pretty expensive (shush!! it's from my dad's office!!! heehee) All the sheets of yellow and purple paper were mounted on white poster board, folded into a book (dont worry, professionals stitched it together, and it's very nice lookin!) 

I will separate the letters by countries, as Ruthie did, and I have some stickers I will place here and there.

Thank you to the following that contributed:

Ruthie                                                 EileenK

Antje                                                  Shaolin

Myself                                                Lucilla the Merciful

Johanna                                              Dorothy Kahn

Felisha                                               Stephanie Hutson

Whitney                                              DG Jenn

Synona Skies                                       Adeline

Maxina and Commola                        Jedi Bean


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