Californian-8MM fan

Joaqaholic- Simply a Joaquin fan

Joaqcoffee- To wake you up in the morning

Joaqchocolate- The Best Chocolate in the world!

Joaqdom- The universe of all that is Joaquin!

Joaq-keen- the definition of everyone on this board!!

Joaqued -what happens to people when they have been hit by the power and beauty that is Joaquin.

Joaquinsanity- the completely rational state of JP admirers.

Phoenfix- What we all come to this board for!

SJD - Sweet Joaquin Dreams - When Joaq's fans dream about him.

Joaqa- Joaqa-Joaqa-Joaqa!! - a diddly Joaq fans hum to themselves, must be done while emulating playing the guitar.

Joaqpic - Picture of Joaq

Joaqcreme - what you put in your Joaqcofee

Juaq-n-roll- cool music we listen to...

halejoaq-the term usually shouted out whilst realising the potenital of god. Joaquin Phoenix

can I get a joaq, joaq... -generally what all Joaquin fans say

Phoenix Kleenex -- what we need by the boxfuls when we watch one of Joaq's emotional portrayals

Joaqster - An affectionate name given to the man himself.

Joaq-ame -- a JP fan's favorite sea vegetable, very nice in miso soup.

Joaquin Phoenix Legions- Loyal to our king, Joaquin

Joaquinated -- another thing that has happened to us loyal fans

joaqasm- pretty self-explanatory, really...