I was in a club dancing and it was like 2 a.m. and I was really tired but still dancing. I'm not exactly sure where this fits in but I looked in the right direction and there he was on a couch. I couldn't believe it but I was too busy shakin' it to react. Then I don't know how but some freaky ugly guy got my high and then he grabbed me a took me somewhere(don't know where). He was deranged, I think I thought that he never had a girlfriend before and so he was trying the teenagers now. but anyway I let out this loud scream. I think I called Joaq, but I don't know, it could have been a simple yell. But it didn't matter cause Joaq suddenly burst into the room and totally messed the other guy up. I think there was a stairway somewhere cause Joaq threw him down that Then the next thing I know I was in bed at Joaq's house(I assume) and he came into the room and was helping me get better. I think he let me have his bed and slept on a couch, I'm not sure. Then somehow I was better and he was sleeping on this couch, and I kissed his forehead and somehow I layed on the couch next to him and slept for a long time...then I woke up. <sigh> -Johanna

this other one where he was uh...don't laugh...but he was a backstreet boy and I got to go back stage and he gave me a hug...that's about all I remember from that one. -Johanna

I dreamt I came home, and there he was, as if it was a perfectly normal thing for him to be lurking in my lounge. As I walked in the door, after work, he rushed forward and shushed me, telling me to be quiet because the trilobites were breeding and I'd disturb them. He pointed at a whole row of tanks against the wall, with trilobites swimming in them. Then he told me that we were going to sell them and make a fortune because they'd been extinct for so long! I woke up after that, feeling somewhat bewildered-Melancthe

 I dreamt that I was going through the movie section of the newspaper, and there was an advert for a new movie starring Joaq and Gary Sinise (my other favourite actor and lust object). I, of course, didn't know anything about it, but I rushed off to the theatre to see it, and they told me it was sold out for the next six weeks! Needless to say, it was a very frustrating dream!-Melancthe

I had a dream with Joaquin in it a few nights ago where I was watching TV and there was news footage of him at a premiere for some new movie and it showed him with one of his sisters, getting up from the audience, but his hair was HUGE! It was big and black and kinda shiney, but most of all, huge! I remember being really upset seeing his hair like that. Awful. Anyway, that makes dream 3. hehe-EileenK

I dreamed that Gladiator had just been filmed, and a select few people, myself included, were asked to attend a series of preview screenings. These screenings were held over a week in a large cinema complex that was also like a hotel, so we lived there as well, along with the cast and the crew. I remember in the dream I spoke to Joaquin, Russell, Connie, Tomas and the rest, and got chummy with them all, because we were all in effect living together for the duration of the screenings. I can't remember the details, but Joaquin and I got particularly chummy (don't beat me up yet ladies, I didn't mean in THAT way!) On the last day of the screening, it was a bright spring day, and remember walking round the hotel/cinema complex garden crying because I had to go home the next day. A bit weird. I remember Joaquin and I had this quiet respect for each other in the dream. Anyway, there it is.-Shaolin73

I watched 8MM last night, and I KNEW I would have (yet another) dream with him in it. All I really remember from it is that it was the scene where Joaquin and Nic go outside and Nic asks Joaquin how much he makes at the porn store and he tells him and Nic asks him if he'd help him and he'd of course pay him $500 for a few days, and Joaquin is leaning up against a brick wall and says something like "6 would be good, Pops". ANYWAYS, back to my dream, I was outside with them during that scene standing next to Joaquin and thinking, he's not 5'7'', he's 5'9''! I need to hurry up and have a dream where we KISS already. Geez. :) Just kidding, I don't want to scare the poor boy if he chooses this moment to check out our board.-EileenK

I can't tell you very much about it, I forgot the most of it! Anyway, I was in a very large house, a villa with more than 100 rooms, where you can get lost! There were hundreds of other Joaquin fans there too. Luckily, Joaquin was there and all his fans were trying to kiss and hug him, but I couldn't get close to him. He wasn't very pleased with all this attention and tried to push the people around him away. When Joaquin looked at me, he smiled, but it wasn't very nice, because he had Austin Powers teeth! Yuk!-Trinity

Okay...I had this really really dumb and pointless dream the other night. So I was reading the entertainment section of the newspaper, and I was looking through the movie ads. Then I saw the advert for "The Yards", and only Joaquin's picture was on it. Only his picture, and he was smiling, looking really sexy as always. It said it was going to open two days later, and I got really excited, and then I woke up. I know why I had that dream. Because I am DYING to see the yards. Duh-Tripwires

Anyway, me and about 10 other girls (some I know from College) are in this misty forest at nighttime. It's freezing and most of us have shorts and small vests on. We are running on this path in the forest. We're not running for our health (like I'd be dumb enough to do that), we're running in a race.
As I'm running, this old seventies style car pulls up beside me. In the driver's seat is Joaquin, Vince is in the front passenger seat and Jerry O'Connell (Mission to Mars, Stand By Me) is behind Vince in the back passenger seat. Joaquin tells me to run faster as he thinks I'm nice. So....being wise...I move my ass, and start running faster. I finally reach the end and I win the race.
Joaquin and Jerry come up to me and tell me that I can come with them now.-Synona Skies

I was in a smallish, library-like room, with a table in the middle. A fire crackled in the fireplace, and the room had a feeling of being very "shut-in". Sitting at the table was a man wearing a long dark robe, writing in a book. I went up closer to the table, but then I suddenly realized that I was invisible - I could see him, but he couldn't see me. I leaned over the book, and I instinctively knew that it was something incredibly important, but I couldn't understand it at all. It wasn't that it was in a foreign language or anything - it was English - but I just couldn't seem to understand the words. I was totally aphasic. Then the man looked up, and it was Commodus (not Joaquin himself) - but his eyes were a piercing and intense ice blue. His face looked as if it was carved in stone, and his skin looked cold. His eyes suddenly focused on me, as invisible as I was, and I felt this icy fear sweep over me. Then I woke up.-Melancthe

The whole dream occured by that wall where Max California first meets Tom in 8mm- the one with all of the graffiti on. Anyway, Joaquín is standing there dressed in normal clothes, pretty close to that GQ cover ::swoon:: I walk up to him and ask him if he has a pen. Joaquín goes on to pull out a purple pen and also a notepad. He asks me what my name is and a tell him (all very sweet, him being all quietly spoken awww). He asks me how I spell it, and I say to him N-a-t-a-l-i-e, like you do. He scribbles it down on the notepad, and then says 'now that I know how to spell it, I can write it on this wall.' I notice some people sitting under these canopy things in a nearby café and I warn him that they'll tell the librarian (it was a dream, logic doesn't exist). He shrugs and goes on to write everything on the wall but my name. I ask him why, and he explains that the pen won't write my name, so I magically pull out a green pen and write my name quite successfully on the wall. And then came the inevitability of waking up.-Porn Store Clerk

I am not sure what I was doing, but I walked up to the entrance of an elevator, and there he was. For some reason, I think he had one of those goofy fishing hats on, and a long trench coat. I saw him as I turned the corner and walked over beside him, he kinds looked down at me... *for some reason I was really short* We went into the elevator, and I saw he has a little bit of hair on his chin, and I think I started talking to him. We walked out on the street, and I think bought Ice cream, and sat on like a patio thing talking. I can't remember what about, but I think he was really nice, and for some reason, my sister was with me also, and acting like she wasnt bored *which is a surprise, he thinks this man is ugly and stupid in real life!* -Chryseis

I was in the coliseum and at one side was Marcus Aurelius tied to a post and at the other side was Lucilla tied to a post. Then Commodus came out of a tunnel in the side of the coliseum carrying 2 huge axes. He gave me one and sent me over to execute Lucilla whilst he would execute his father. I  couldn't do that to  Lucilla and he shouted 'do it now!' The crowd was cheering but I was scared. I held the axe above my head and I could see him doing the same over the other side. I began to shake then while i was still in the dream i woke up??? I was in some sort of theatre with my head on Joaq's shoulder i think it was the BAFTAs he put his arm around me and said 'there there it all right now' then i really woke up. Shame really i wanted to see what happened next!!! lol-Friend of the Trees

I had a dream that I was approached by a film director whilst shopping with my friend.  He said that he was making a movie and I fitted he description of the female lead.  Like dreams do it skipped from one scenario to another. The next thing I knew I was in a desert, like Iran or something.  It was a movie set and I found out that it was a war movie and it was about the Gulf War.  I was then introduced to Joaquin and strangly Julliette Binoche who were starring in the film.  We went to a gezebo and just chatted about stuff, like where I was from and what I did etc.  Then it skipped and I was being interveiwed by someone.  They were asking stuff like how did it feel to be choosen with no experience to be in such a big film.  Then they asked me to tell them if Joaquin ever talked about River and was he still upset about him.  I got really mad and said it was none of there business.  They kept pressing the subject and I realised that I liked Joaquin and I got very upse! t.  I stormed out of the interveiw and ran crying back to the film set. Everybody saw me and Juliette (i dont know why she was in my dream i have never seen any of her movies)came to my trailer and calmed me down.  She said that she knew how I felt about Joaquin annd should not worry about what happened.  Then I dreamt that she told Joaquin everything and he was really upset.  Then I dreamt that we were filming and Joquin was late.  So I was sent to his trailer to get him.  When I went it was really dark inside and I heard crying.  Inside sitting on the floor was Joaquin.  I sat down next to him slumpped next to a bench.  I touched his face and asked him if he was ok.  He looked at me and his eyes were so beautiful.  Then he just sobbed on my shoulder and I held him.  The next thing that happened was that we were sent on military survival training and Joaquin and I were a team.  We had to share a sleeping bag and no it is not what you think.  We just hugged all night to keep w! arm and I awoke to see Joaquin watching me.  It was just so intimate.  It was just before sunrise and we watched the sun come up.  I turned to him and said that I had never cared for anybody the way I cared about him.  He looked at me and kissed me softly.   Since then I have had dreams were Joaquin appears and smiles at me from a distance.  I also call him JO, instead of Joaquin or Joaq.  I tell you one thing I am going to do alot of sleeping from now on to see were it goes!!!-M

I`m sitting on my bed and suddenly the door opens...and there`s Joaquin standing I´m in chok!... Then he`s walking towards me...(my heart goes BOM..BOM) Then he stops right in front of me, and then he starts to KISS ME!!! (I´m in heaven)...and then...My dog licks me ,and I woke up....But someday the dream will come true!..:-) The Dreamer

: Joaquin was at my place, or something, but he was about 12 years old. I think the young Joaquin and not me had travelled through time. I was a litte disappointed that when I finally met him it was a 12-year-old version, but of course it was still cool! I thought this was better than nothing (Obviously) and went to get the cover of Gladiator and a silver pen so that I could get his autograph. I wondered what it would look like when he was so young.
It was easy to get the cover out of the video box but I had a hard time getting the pen. I knew I could give him an ordinary black pen for that cover, but I wanted the silver pen. I knew he was leaving soon. When I finally got hold of it, fumbling, Joaquin was leaving or had already left, and a second later I woke up, thinking it had been for real. :)
Reason for some of the above is probably that the most unlikely news reached me, Joaq is doing a new movie, spending 8 weeks in a small town in Sweden. About 50 miles from me. What are the chances???!!!-Yoze

I was reading an old equine magazine that I used to read when I was younger. There was a comic in it that I had read before, it was maybe 5-6 years old. The comic was a "Based on a true story" thing about one or several mistreated horses that had been rescued by some organization. There are a lot of that kind of comics, but this one happened to be about Joaquin! I didn't read it all, but the introduction said that Joaquin saved mistreated horses and there was a title picture of him, standing next to a light chestnut, semi-skinny horse. He had his current haircut, or something similar, his face and hair was pretty much like in this pic. I loooove that pic. The comic title picture showed him from head to toe. And I thought in my sleep "DAMN, I read about him when I was like 12 years old! I have to dig through the attic and find that comic again when I'm done dreaming about it! Man this is so cool!" I kind of "remembered" the comic, at least a little bit of it, but not that it had been about Joaquin! (That was pretty much my relation to Parenthood before I recently saw it again. The horse part came from a Joaq quote where he mentioned riding.) So - I thought it was true, I knew I was dreaming about the comic, but I thought I'd read it in real life! :( Oh and btw, I can imagine Joaq drawn by the "dream comic" artist, whose work I love.-Yoze

It was actually a dream that got me liking Joaq, in the first place! Well, okay, I'll admit, I always sort of had a thing for Commodus, ever since I saw his beautiful face on that screen, but this is what got me seriously liking the guy. Okay, here it is: Me, Lucilla, and Gwenyth(sp?) Paltrow were all in like a dungeon type thing. You know, torches, dripping water, that kind of thing, and we were all dressed up in really fancy golden togas and stuff like that. Well, I'm really bad at describing dreams, but what happened was all of a sudden there was Commodus, and I guess he and I "had something together" previous to the dream, because he pulled me aside into a corridor by the hand and said, "We haven't kissed in such a long time." and I replied, "I know, I know." so i kissed him, and we ended up doing a bit more than that, if ya know what I mean, he he. Okay, then all of a sudden, we (commodus, lucilla, ms. paltrow and I) were all in the basement of my church watching a filmstrip or something. Commodus was holding a red-faced baby doll....(don't ask me why, I never understand any of my dreams) and then suddenly, someone was running toward him, ran into him, and the doll flew out of his arms and he just watched it sail through the air, no particular expression on his face, but gods, he was so fine! I think what set off the dream was watching the Oscars and thinking how incredibly cute he was. well, there's my weird, got-me-totally-loving-joaq dream!-Debra