River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves choosing to appear in an independent Gus Van Sant movie about gay street hustlers against the wishes of their management were glamorous. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck appearing in a Hollywood movie directed by Gus Van Sant and winning Oscars were not glamorous.

Any star who dies young is glamorous.

Glamor can also be much more mundane. People who dress inappropriately for the weather are somehow glamorous. Jennifer Herrema of Royal Trux wearing a toque, two shirts and a parka while performing in the summer in a hot club is glamorous. Street hustlers standing near the YMCA in little T-shirts in the winter, shivering and jumping up and down to keep warm, are glamorous.

There is almost nothing glamorous about Canada, or the Gulag, as I and some of my friends have started calling it.

Heroin is glamorous, as is heroin chic.

Homosexuality is only glamorous
outside of a gay context, such as the ghetto, which is all about conformity. Ghettoization is only glamorous if it is externally imposed.

The fact that Harmony Korine now has a gay assistant named Sydney is too glamorous.

I recently had lunch with Joaquin Phoenix in New York. When he walked into the quasi-modest vegetarian restaurant on 13th Street and every granola-head in the joint turned, it was really glamorous. I hadn't seen him in three or four years, during which time he has transformed from scruffy kid to glamorous leading man. The fact that he has a prominent scar on his face is glamorous: perfection is never glamorous. The fact that he didn't want to meet at a trendy restaurant is glamorous. The fact that he is a vegetarian but chain smokes is glamorous. The fact that he still has the same charming way of getting flustered, or trying to explain something inexplicable to a waitress or passing stranger, is glamorous. The fact that he hates giving interviews or talking about himself is glamorous. The fact that he was having lunch with the likes of me is glamorous. I'm afraid he's just about the most glamorous person in the world.

Name-dropping, however, is never glamorous.