Joaquin on David letterman

Imagine Joaq in a suit! Looking just really professional, short hair,
totally clean cut and like they say about dark and all buffed and

Now he comes out on each show looking sort of uncomfortable (like
self conscience and all) BUT very confident acting, very like down to
earth, big sincere smiles. He works with the audience like he has
been a talk show host himself. They really like him. He works the
hosts to where Dave Letterman almost got tongue tied! hahhhahhahaha!
Dave never gets tongue tied. But Joaq is so natural the whole time.
A kind of very real like uncomfortableness comes through so like I
feel he is a very real man. Like I would be uncomfortable in those
bright hot lights with cameras on my every move, trying not to sweat
or wipe my nose or like adjust my paraphenalia and all too.

Joaq on Late Night with David Letterman: Too late to show previews
of "Signs" but best part was Joaq anyways. This time he comes out on
Letterman and is just looking so comfortable and so in control, and
really works the audience and Dave but in a very natural good-natured
way. So then he jumps right into some stories! Soooo funny, has
everybody rockin.

Story about moving his sister Rain in a new apartment near his in New
York he got her. Well he's the one in the family who has to help
her, "well, she's my older sister! what am I gonna do?" so of course
he helps her. Well then Rain goes to LA in the middle of all this to
cut an album! So she tells Joaq to get her apartment all fixed up.
So there he is in New York and he has to find furniture and paint
everything for a girls apartment so his older sister likes it! And if
you gotta older sister, you already know that's impossible. But he
tries. So he goes out to get cool like different furniture for her.
Well he goes to this store he thinks has stuff she could like. Well
the store sells "candles for like $1000 dollars!" but he does it his
best. He got a funny sounding couch with something that looks gold
color on it, but thinkgs Rain could like it. So when he's done, he
says he furnished his sisters apartment for like "only the cost of an
island!" Hahahahahahahahahah! He's really cool and funny the whole
time BTW!

So now after he gets his sisters furniture all moved in, he decides
to paint right? hahhaaahaahahah! But yep, I would do the same
thing. Well every time he buys something he says he's like not a
good negotiator, like too like shy, so well he says he's always
paying way too much, says "I always seem to get ripped off" like, you
know? So on the paint job he's gonna "negotiate" it like a pro. So
he calls his bud, Casey up cause Casey just went all through this and
got his apartment painted (Now I think I heard in here that Casey and
Joaq's sister, Summer are together - maybe at Caseys' house?). Ok,
anyways, Casey tells Joaq how to bargain and negotiate for the paint
and all. Well so sure enough a painter comes up to bid the job. So
the painter is looking around the 900 square foot apartment and
smiling and saying things like "Oh, THIS is gonna be a BIG job"
and "Yup, this is gonna be good", "a lot of work here" and like Joaq
starts sweating and all and is getting up his courage to "negotiate"
and all. So the painter goes, "This is a BIG job, $1000 dollars". So
Joaq is like floored and comes out of the corner like a man and
says, "What, oh come on man, $1000 Dollars! What, I wasn't born
yesterday you know, I'll give you half that!" So Joaq is like just
standin there and the Painter don't say anything and then he turns
around and just leaves! Leaving Joaq standing there holding his
coffee cup with his jaw dropped. So Joaq tries to be cool and calm
and all and just closes the door and figures that the guy will be
back. Sort of has his fingers crossed and is sort of proud of
himself but didn't expect the painter to just leave like that. So
thinks the guy will be back. That's at like 12:00. Well 2:00 PM, and
then 4:00 PM and then 6:00 PM comes and goes. So Joaq figures he
will come back after his working painter day is over. Well "day
turns into night" Joaq says and he's now sitting there in Rain's new
unpainted furnished apartment in the dark! Hahhahahahahhah! So
finally he goes home and calls Casey! And tells Casey and Casey just
listens and then says well man, (and now Caseys apartment is the same
size as Rain's), so Casey says, "well man, it cost me $4000. to paint
mine!" So like Joaq knows now he like got the "deal of the century"
and blew it with his negotiating! Hhaahhahahahahhahhha! He was funny
about it too!
So guess we wont' hear if Rain likes her unpainted furnished
apartment and what she does to Joaq about it until Joaq comes back on
TV for the next movie he is in.