The Maiden

By: ChryseisOlympia (1/1/01)

Commodus had just came back from Germania, and was honored as the new Emperor of Rome with a ceremony through the streets, leading up to the Grand Imperial Palace. After a few months the Gladiatorial Games began. The senators already didn’t like the “boy”, but now held a strong feeling of resentment against him. To support the games, Commodus was spending more money than what would come into Rome. He started selling the Grain reserves, and Rome would be starving in a year. The senate and people continued to pressure him; he wouldn’t get out from under it. Lucilla was supposedly having an affair with Gavius- the senator that hated him most, and wanted to be emperor.  No one seemed to love him, his heart was as cold as ice.

   Only one person has their lovely eye on him, a maiden in the palace. Her name was Justina, servant of Elisa, Lucilla’s young daughter, and Lucius. She had been a servant in the imperial Palace for two years. In those years, she had developed a strong desire to get to know the emperor better. She new there was no possible was for the emperor was Rome, the largest empire in history, to love a servant, who didn’t have enough money to go to fancy occasions regularly.

She had first noticed her feelings for him when she walked into Lucius’ room a year ago. Commodus was lurking over Lucius, listening to him breath, and envying him for being loved. His eyes were so dark and intense in the soft glow of firelight; she couldn’t resist him.

   One day, she heard him barge into his thrown room, pacing like a hungry tiger back and forth. He was muttering something to himself, about senator Gavius. Apparently, Gavius had made a fool of him while in a royal meeting. Of course it wasn’t only that driving him deep into paranoia and frustration.

   She watched him through the shadows, suddenly, he caught eye of her.

“Who are you?” He said in a husky voice, still pacing. “I.. I am Lucius and Elisa’s maiden, Justina.. Sire.” “Oh. Yes.” He replied. She started to back away, and leave when he caught her.  He commanded “ Since you were spying on me, why don’t you sit and listen. She slowly and cautiously walked over, and sat uncomfortably. He sat down in the chair in front of her.

  It was only then that he realized how stunning she was. Her chestnut hair fixed up in the back as they wore it at the time, one soft spiral fell on her right cheek. She had firey lips, and he graceful shoulders were showing from her maroon and gold gown. He was taken in by her from the start, and his voice softened. He talked to her as a stranger, rather than a servant. He told of all of his problems, with the senators and Lucilla, he finally inquired a question from her, “Do you find it hard doing your job?” Quietly she answered, “I love working with children, and it’s very quiet and beautiful in the Palace.  He looked up at the walls with blank eyes “How can she say that, it is, but when you live here as long as I, it seems more like a prison.” There was a silent moment, and she looked out the window. The sun was setting and soon would be behind the Colosseum, and providing no more light. “Sire, I must leave, I shall be going to my quarters.” “Yes…” he replied. As she gathered her gown to leave, he grabbed her hand, and jerked her to a stop. Then, while looking into her eyes, he kissed her hand, and said in a whisper” Thank you.”

   As she left, she thought to herself “Oh Ares, I think this is going to be a problem… he kissed my hand, a servants’ hand, he is the ruler of Rome…”

   Commodus walked in a trance to lie on his bed.  He started to cry, he realized he was struck in the heart by cupid’s arrow, and his heart hurt because of her beauty. “Justina”

   This happened again and again. Justina would sneak into his room, first just once or twice a week. Then, they grew to “like” each other more. They of course didn’t show their feelings to each other, not knowing how each other felt. “Who knows, she could just feel threatened by me, like she has to come talk with me, or… she could have the same feelings.”  One of the nights they met, he was lying on the bed, her at the foot, and he asked, “Do you love me?” She didn’t know what to say, it had said it so openly, really, why else would she visit him so much, and whenever he got a chance, he would come play with Elisa, telling her the Roman Myths, and helping Lucius with his Latin. She walked over to his waist, and picked up his hand. As he did when they first chatted, she kissed his hand.

“Yes Commodus, I have for a long time, even before our meetings. You always fascinated me, I knew you were as wonderful as a man as I imagined.  His hand graced her cheek, and she then pulled his hand to her lips, kissing his fingertips.

“May I stay Commodus?” She gazed with her brown eyes at him.

Thinking to herself” He is gorgeous, this is right, we are made for each other.” He paused, thinking the same thing, and not believing this was happening.

lalala… you can think of the rest.. :D

She woke up the next morning, his cuddling her from behind in the bed. First she felt comfort, like this was what it should be like the rest of her life, but then she realized what she had done. Quickly, she put on her gown, and fixed her hair half decent, she didn’t have time to go to her chambers at the moment, and fix herself up. As she did all of this, he woke up, and quickly slammed the door when she was opening it. “Justina… I love you, you know that, right?” He looked at his chest, and at his face. “Yes” They had a stolen kiss, and she left for another day of work, until she would be free to visit Commodus that night. She, of course came that night, and the night after that. Every night they met, they couldn’t be with each other during the day, so all they had was the long night.


In the middle of the night, 5 figures could be seen walking through Rome’s alleys and empty streets. Everyone was in bed, except for them. As they passed the temples and statues of the gods, they came upon a large home. The pillars in the front were so massive and thick; you knew it was a wealthy man’s home.

One of the guards knocked on the door. A servant opened it slightly “Lucilla, the emperors’ sister is here to see Senator Gavius.” The servant opened the door; Gavius had told him he was expecting Lucilla. Lucilla walked in, and up the steps. In front of her was a doorway, and above that, the famous black statue of Romulus and Remus with the She-wolf.  Gavius emerged from the doorway, and showed her into another room. This one was filled with busts of previous emperors, and small statues of the gods. In the corner there was one of Marcus, she walked over to it, gently touched the beard. She wished so much that he was alive. “Lucilla, you know what we have to do.” Gavius said. “Yes, how are we to kill Commodus.”

   “I have heard word he has a lover.” “What? My brother Commodus?” Lucilla laughed, she couldn’t picture any woman, not even a whore loving him.  “If it is true, we can us that against him, I will place a few of my trusted men in your palace, to spy on him.”

   “Yes Gavius, I was thinking the same.” They looked at each other, knowing that Commodus “deserved” all of this. They knew had have to have an interest in a woman, he was very unplugged during royal meetings, and he didn’t attend his beloved games as much as you would of though. “I must leave now.” Lucilla signed at her guards to follow her, and take her back to the palace.

  A month or two later, Justina walked to Commodus’ chambers. It was more than a walk, but less than a jog. Anyone could see she was very nervous, and emotional. As she opened the door, Commodus turned around slowly, and motioned for her to come to the entrance onto a large balcony. He was looking at two robins that were perched on the rail. When he finally looked back, she was holding her head low, with her hand at her mouth. We ran over to her, he knew something was wrong. “What is the matter, my Justina?” She looked up, and her eyes were blood shot from crying so much. He walked her over to the bed, and sat down with her. She tried to get her words out the best she could, she didn’t know how to tell him. “Commodus, I have just learned you are having a son with me.” His face turned grave, this was like a blow to the gut, forcing the air out of him. He didn’t know what to say. She saw all of his, and placed her head on his chest, and cried more. “Commodus, what will we do?”  “Justina, why are you worrying so much? I will take care of you; we are to have a son! Our son will be grand!” His words helped, she needed at least a little comfort.

            “After all, some senators have many lovers, why can’t the emperor have a child?” He said. “I am the emperor, I can do as I want.”  “Commodus, stop with your power! I just want us to have a house in Trujillo, and be a family. I don’t want to stay here, have people look at me like I am a whore.” She started to cry more. “You arent a whore! You are a wonderful woman who loves a man!! But don’t worry, we will take it all as It comes, we don’t know what the fates have in front of us.” They continued to hug each other, he graced his hand over her hair, it was down today, in wonderful looking spirals.

   The next day, Justina was walking in the hallway to Commodus’ room after a long frustrating day of teaching Lucius Latin. As she turned the corner, something grabbed her from out of the shadows. She tried to scream up the persons’ other hand came over her mouth before she had the chance. She felt a long, cold blade at her throat, and instinctively froze. A voice came close to her ear, “If you try to get away or yell, you will die” She slowly walked with the person down the hallway, and into another smaller one. This would lead to the deserted back of the palace.  Justina there had her hands tied together, and was given the drug to make her fall asleep.

            Commodus was pacing in worry. Where is she? Is something the matter? There had to be something wrong. She was never late like this. He looked out of his door every few minutes; finally, he walked around the palace looking for her. He checked in Lucius and Elisa’s Rooms, and peaked into Lucilla’s. Still he could not find Justina. He went back to his room, and stood. All he could do is sit there waiting until the next day. There was no way he could sleep.

            When Lucilla woke up, she was in a dark, big, dusty room. It was very hot and moist, as if it hadn’t seen light in years. All she could feel was hurt-all over her body. In one corner of the room a door opening and in poured soft yellow light, and three figures. Two were huge men, kind of like the men that guard senators. “Justina, you have been a very busy little bee,” Lucilla said. She tried to talk, but her mouth hurt too much. “Why was Lucilla here? Why is she saying this?”  Justina wondered. Lucilla walked over to her, and grabbed Justina’s face.

“You, and Commodus are going to pay for everything you have done.” The two men then walked over to Justina and started beating her. Lucilla walked out and closed the door. Justina couldn’t even see where she was going to be it next.

            Of course, Commodus was pacing around the palace worrying and frightening everyone because Justina was nowhere to be found. He walked into Lucius’ room, and this time Lucius wasn’t in there. Lucilla and Gavius were though. “Why are you here Gavius?” He enquired with a rough voice. He nodded his head and Commodus turned around. Behind him now were 2 praetorian guards. He grabbed for the nearby sword, and stuck one of the men in the arm, cutting into the flesh. The others grabbed him, and help his arms and neck. “Commodus, do not try to fight”, Lucilla said. “LUCILLA DO SOMETHING!” Commodus yelled. “Gavius walked up to Commodus, and forced him to drink a tonic. Lucilla slapped Commodus and walked away. The Praetorian’s snuck Commodus out the same door, and took him to the same place they had Justina.

When Commodus awoke he felt the same as Justina-terrible. He hurt all over. He opened his eyes, and he says his hands bloody, and tied to his thrown. But he was not in the palace. He was in the Colosseum. It was dark now, he could see the arena floor though. There in the center was Justina. She tied to a cross and looked dead. Commodus started to cry and struggle. He tried so hard to screen, but a piece of cloth was tied around his face and through his mouth. Lucilla walked over to him. His eyes looked at her, he remembered she was in on all of this. “Brother, I know what you have been doing busy little bee.” “I know that if you are still here, Gavius will not be able to rule, and these Gladiatorial Games will continue.” “Now you will watch Justina die, and you will die also.” A tear ran down his cheek. She pulled the cloth out of his mouth, and he let out a long scream “JUSTINA, I AM HERE! LOOK AT ME!”

            She managed to lift her head and look at him. Theyre eyes met. They knew this was the end. She couldn’t talk, all she could do is look at her love, and wish it all to be over. Men came in from doors leading onto the Colosseum’s floor. They lifted the chained out from under the sand and  the doors in the arena floor opened. Two tigers came out. They circled around her. “JUSTINA, I LOVE YOU!!!” He screamed again. The tigers ripped her apart in front of his eyes. She screams and moaned and wailed. Lucilla looked into his eyes. They were red and blue with furiousness and sadness. “Now you will pay, and do Rome a favor” she picked up a short blade that was sitting on the ledge of the imperial box, and stabbed him in he side. She walked away, and two praetorians finished the job.




            Commodus found himself on a beach be side the Mediterranean see. He walked around a little, kind of puzzled as to why he was here, and why there were no inhabitants. Then he realized he is in Elysium, his Elysium. But If this was so, were was Justina? He walked up a sand dune and he saw her. Justina looked the way she had when they met-perfect. He ran over to her and hugged her. They kissed and Justina motioned with her eyes for him to look behind himself. There was Commodus’ son. He was perfect, dark hair, his parents beauty combined made Commodus wonder if we was a god in the body of a young boy. He walked with Justina and hugged his 8-year-old son. “Father”

“Son” Commodus replied. They shook hands and hugged. They walked as family on the beach, the and in theyre toes.