I had the great opportunity to meet Joaquin Phoenix at a bar in New York.  He was incredibly nice and gracious!  I am originally from Italy, but I have lived in Toronto, Ontario Canada, for most of my life.   I was visiting New York recently for my birthday with family and friends.  We had heard this place was a good place to go, and sometimes famous people show up, so we thought what the hell!!    Joaquin was sitting at a table with other people he was drinking and smoking a cigar, yes a cigar, but cigarettes for the rest of the night.   A friend of one of my relatives knew someone who knew him (not like great friends, but good enough to let me meet him for my birthday!), confusion!  Anyway!  I was introduced to him, and as soon as the guy said Joaquin this is Marti, I had this MAJOR knot in my stomach the entire time!  His eyes are completely amazing in person, and his eyelashes, he is really gorgeous in real life!  I have to admit I have seen a few of his films but never ďfeltĒ anything other than that he was cute.   I donít know if you knew this but he also does this crooked thing with his mouth and lips when he talks, itís terribly cute!  I have only just turned 21, and I mentioned that, and he made a joke about club hopping when youíre finally legal to drink etc and he made a joke about him feeling like an old man sometimes.  I of course said he wasnít old at all, and that he actually looks younger than 27!  Heís also growing a moustache, so he was joking about it too about finally going through puberty at 27 and some other funny stuff, which if I repeated wouldnít come out funny at all if I said it.  I told him I loved his work and I think I overly flattered him because he started to blush, he even asked me about what I did for a living, we talked about school, and I complimented him on being articulate, and he blushed again!  Itís true though!  He uses big words, ones I havenít heard of, I felt un-educated and again he joked about being old.  I asked him if he ever goes on the internet, and he said not really, but he does have email and knows how to use it, but heís not entirely savvy with the computer, he says hes ďtoo oldĒ for all the technology lol.  He complimented me on my shoes and outfit, I was wearing platform sneakers, a sundress with capri-jeans underneath, he joked about how I couldnít decide what to wear, jeans or a dress, so I wore both lol.  We laughed about both wearing sneakers to a club, and me being as tall as him with them on, he said we should switch sneakers to he could be taller LOL.  Heís really funny, and I giggle A LOT, so we got along great.  I didnít ask him about his girlfriend status, it just didnít seem right, but he wasnít there with a girl and if he had a girlfriend he didnít act like it.  He was with non-famous-people I did not know, maybe they were famous, I donít know for sure.  The place we were was The Bitter End, I asked the doorman if I could bring in a camera because it was my birthday, but he said NO!  So I had to leave it in the car!  Then I found out other people had cameraís and could have brought it inÖI donít think the guy knew what he was talking about!  I was mad!  Anyway that was my experience, I donít mind if you post this on your site, but a word of advice if you meet him, BE LAID BACK!  Heís really nice, and wonít bite, but donít freak out, he makes you feel warm and comfortable with him, heís very personable.  Also, donít stalk him, I heard he doesnít like that!  LOL!  And donít follow him around and be creepy!  I seriously canít get over how nice he was, I am the biggest Joaquin fan now!