"The 911 call was played on the Radio."
How Joaquin Phoenix has tried to deal with the death of his brother’s drug overdose

Q: In "Signs" it concerns grain circles that are made by extraterrestrial. Do you believe in such a thing?
JP: Only on those that were made by our – by the way very earthly crew - for the film itself. Otherwise not at all, but these phenomena are still very interesting. Did you know that these circles have become documented for more than five centuries in almost 50 countries around the globe? And that annually up to 300 new circles emerge? You cannot explain that in a rational way.

Q: In the movie you and Mel Gibson are siblings. How does it feel to be Mel Gibson's brother?
JP: Outstanding. Mel is a good actor and has a crazy personality. He made a lot of jokes and tricks. And he rescues me in "Signs" from the Aliens. So I cannot complain.

Q: Your actual siblings have names like River, Rain, Summer, Liberty. You yourself were named Leaf. Your parents were vegans, hippies and members of a religious sect. Somehow a miracle that you remained entirely normal?
JP: I was only named Leaf only because no one could pronounce Joaquin. And on my family, I let come nothing. It was not easy to emancipate itself of certain things, but I had a pretty good childhood with much love. My parents have been separated for a long time, my mother has an entirely normal job in a TV-transmitter. But, yet we have close contact together today.

Q: Who taught you how to handle the hard Hollywood film business?
JP: That was learning by doing. I began with the acting when I was ten years old. At 14, I had then my first large roll in the comedy "Parenthood." But for some reason the show-circus was too stupid and I went to Mexico to my father.

Q: Your brother River Phoenix was at that time the new Teenage movie star
JP: I don't have the slightest desire to speak over my dead brother. It gets on my nerves to always be compared with him. My brother was a magnificent person and an outstanding actor.

Q: When he died in 1993 in front of Johnny Depp's Viper Room at the Sunset Strip because of a drug cocktail, you called 911!
JP: And this 911 call was sent in the radio and television. It was terrible. They photographed him in his coffin. And these hysterical girls who at the funeral almost fell into the grave. Repulsive. It lasted long until I had overcome this shock.

Q: Who or what helped you at that time?
JP: I let myself concentrate on work, turned films and finally I was able to show in "To the For", what I could. Previously one wanted to make a second River out of me. I am not !

Q: Who stands by you now?
JP: My family, friends - Casey Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow

Q: No girlfriend?
JP: No. After the separation of Liv, I went a while on the track. Somehow nothing came up.

Q: Was Liv Tyler the love of your life?
JP: (Laughs) how can I know that? I am not even 30 years old yet.

Q: Do you sometimes have had anxiety in becoming famous?
JP: Renown is a delicate matter. Until Rivers death I was not quite aware how famous he was. Here at home we had not watched television or read glossy magazines. As I then through all the hype around his death automatically was being involved was a shock for me because it was connected with so much dirt and ugliness. (Smiles) oh I began on that subject myself this time!