AJoaquin is going to be attending the PETA's 21 Anniversary and the Humanitarian Awards. He is also going to receive a humanitarian award! Also, Heart is the head of the committee! If I remember, they televise the awards as well.

-Here is the interview from the PETA magazine linked below, under the 16th's news. 

PETA is going to Auction off some celebrity pieces, of them is Tuxedo Shirt Worn by Joaquin Phoenix, given to them by Joaqy Joaq. Click on Silent Auction here

A Joaquin supports PETA very much. A few years ago about 1996 or 1997, Joaquin made a Thanksgiving commercial, urging you to eat tofurkey instead of killing a bird.  You can view it by clicking on the screen cap above.  In 2000 he was nominated sexiest vegetarian, and nearly won! In 2001 he did a post, the one above, promoting the idea of no more fur. I hope Joaquin does more for PETA. Hopefully another commercial? You can click on the side bar to go to PETA's official site.

A Joaquin talks about SPA and turning vegan in Q & A to Animal Times.