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Florence Nightingale Movie

This has been reported before, what there are a few more articles and rumors about the movie.

Nightingale call for Kate
by Richard Simpson
Kate Winslet is set to play Florence Nightingale in a 40 million Hollywood biopic.
The romantic drama - called Florence - is being developed by Columbia with a view to Miss Winslet starting filming this autumn in the Mediterranean and London.
The story covers the reforming nurse's life after she volunteered for the Crimean War in 1854 and fell in love with a soldier she was treating following the battle of Inkerman. The officer, however, was already engaged and her heart was broken.

Joaquin Phoenix - who played Commodus in Gladiator - is tipped to play Florence Nightingale's lover.

A Columbia spokesman said: "Kate is our favourite for the part. We had been considering Joseph Fiennes to play the male lead, but he's already recently been involved in a war epic - Enemy at the Gates."

Miss Winslet, 25, who had a daughter last October, is currently working on two films, Enigma and Therese Raquin.