Report: 0006 It's All about Love (4/58/01)

Joaquin in Copenhagen 

Joaquin Phoenix is in Copenhagen, Denmark, filming his newest movie It's all about love  by danish director Thomas Vinterberg. The actor and co-star Claire Danes have been accommodated in private homes instead of hotels.

According to the movie's producer, Lars Rahbek, Joaquin is so down to earth that he is riding around on a bicycle in Copenhagen, instead of sitting in a limousine, like many other stars prefer. They will stay in Denmark for a month, and then move to Trollhättan, Sweden, to continue the shootings.

Article from it's All About Love


"A classic love story set in a world on the brink of cosmic collapse"

Copenhagen....April 23, 2001

Cameras rolled today on Thomas Vinterberg'shighly anticipated feature film IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE. Produced by NimbusFilm, the picture will shoot on location and in studios in Denmark and Film i Väst in Sweden with extensive second unit filming in New York and around the globe. Starring Joaquin Phoenix as John and Claire Danes as Elena, with a strong supporting cast, which includes Douglas Henshall, Margo Martindale, Alun Armstrong and Mark Strong, this spectacular English-language picture will shoot for 10 weeks and will be completed for May 2002 and a summer release worldwide.

"I have always wanted to make a love story," says Thomas Vinterberg, "I see IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE as a romance which embraces the thriller genre. An epic love story for the 21st Century.

"In a world where people become more and more self-obsessed and where the speed and complexity of everyday life increases by the minute, the basic conditions for love seem difficult. It is almost as if life itself negates love. This very conflict is my basis for IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE.

"We will be shooting on super 35mm and in Cinemascope. And though our story is near-future, the production design by Ben van Os (ORLANDO; THE COOK, THE THIEF, HIS WIFE AND HER LOVER) is more retro than futuristic. Art deco mixes with visual influences from old Technicolor films. The film will present some sfx sequences which I hope the audience will find truly unique.

"IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE is in all humbleness my portrait of our modern society."

Producer, Birgitte Hald, who also produced the highly acclaimed FESTEN, is very excited with the way the film is proceeding, "the film has been a long time in gestation" she commented, "but I think this has been invaluable in giving us the opportunity to really work out the plot lines, the script, the design. In fact, I believe, it has allowed us to come up with something wonderful, not least the casting which is very special indeed."

Trust Film Sales' Annakarin Ström will handle sales for non-English speaking territories while FilmFour handles sales for English-speaking territories.

Distributors and financiers include: A.M.A. Films, CoBo Fund, Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Danish Film Institute, Dutch Film Fund, EgmontEntertainment, Film i Väst, FilmFour, Frenetic, Golem, Isabella Films, Key Films, Memfis Film AB, Nordic Film & TV Fund, RCV Film Distribution, Senator Films, Shochiku, Slot Machine.