Basic Information on "Brother Bear"

Disney's "Brother Bear" in Pre-Production?

This just in: "Supervising Animator Broose Johnson ( Ling & Chien Po from MULAN) is also involved in the early pre production work on Brother Bear... in fact the core group are in Alaska as we speak!" - Thanks Boo!

Disney's Orlando animation branch is expanding like no other; a great way to bring the masses twice the amount of Disney films in a single year. Remember when one June release is all we'd get, well, expect possibly 2 in-house Disney films (most likely one tradional and one CGI), one Pixar project, and one Orlando-based film to drench us with 5 Disney films a year! Hell, the more the merrier.

I received the following scoop from spy 'Boo' to bring us a quick look at a film that isn't coming out for another 4 years! Sheesh, at least we're getting a good head start on things! The film in question (very much in question) is "Brother Bear."

"Brother Bear... ( Disneys Florida Feature
Animation follow up to Lilo & Stitch) with music by Phil Collins directed by Aaron Blaise & Bob Walker...Producer Chuck Williams" - Boo. Thank you

From Another site:

Buena Vista Studios, Walt Disney Pictures by Disneys Florida Feature Animation, as a follow up to Lilo & Stitch
Supervising Animator Broose Johnson ( Ling & Chien Po from MULAN) invloved in early pre production.
Music by Phil Collins
Directed by Aaron Blaise & Bob Walker
Producer Chuck Williams


\The following is from Feature Animation Forum on March 14, 2001

BROTHER BEAR: Once Joaquin Phoenix (from Gladiator) wraps up work on "It's All About Love", his next job is this Disney animated movie in 2002. Talking with Liz Smith, the Oscar-nominated actor says "The real pinnacle is that I'm playing an animated character in a Disney film. Isn't that the greatest? I play a native American transformed into a bear. It's called 'The Bears' Don't call me a leading man. I don't care about that. I'm a leading bear. I am content!"


Early sketches of the young boy basically look like Mowgli, of the Jungle Book, but with more animal skins on.


Brother Bear is the story of a young rebellious indian boy, age 15 years old, whose father, the chief the tribe is killed by a bear. His older brother, age 18 years old, then becomes chief. In one scene the young boy argues that his brother's first course of action should be to hunt down and kill the bear. The brother disagrees, and the young boy goes off to take the matter into his own hands. somewhere along the way, spirits are involved, that turn the boy into his enemy - a bear. Now he must learn how to relate to them, now that he is one of them. Then somehow the boy learns his lesson and is returned to his natural form.


The following is info from "Ain't It Cool News:

"The music starts with a three and a half minute ?Intro Song? that has yet to be titled. A little over a minute and a half song called "Father?s Footsteps" A long 4 minute innocuous piece called GRIZZ?S SONG, which basically is an elevator music twist on ?this can?t be my destiny?. The next two were upbeat and fun, think montage sequence showing the pleasures of being a bear, and these were two parts of the FISHING SONG, each about a minute and a half. And lastly there was the Title Song called BROTHER BEAR a long 5 and a half minute apologetic and learning to live with the past song.

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