Types of vegetarians:                                  (Veg*an symbol means either vegan or vegetarian)

Some popular questions: 

Animals kill other animals for food, so why shouldn't we? 

Don't humans have to eat meat to stay healthy?

What will we do with all those chickens, cows, and pigs if everyone becomes a vegetarian?

Don't vegetarians have difficulty getting enough protein?

What's wrong with drinking milk? Don't dairy cows need to be milked?

Eating meat is natural. It's been going on for thousands of years. We have evolved that way.

If you were starving on a boat at sea, and there was an animal on the boat, would you eat the animal?

If everyone switches to vegetables and grains, will there be enough to eat?

Farmers have to treat their animals well, or they won't produce as much milk or lay as many eggs.

If everyone turned vegetarian, it would be worse for the animals because many of them would not even be born.


The horrible stories of the cruelty that the murderers do to the innocent animals.

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