31-08-New article Maxim september 2002 from the german site for Joaquin, it is in german though, you can read it on Looking For JP HERE 

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TV Alert 5 september on BBC1 for the UK people & Belgium :)) the episode of 'Murder She Wrote'  2:35pm The episode is called 'We're off to kill the Wizard' which features Leaf and his little sister Summer Phoenix


30-08-Marissa send me this new article from her father's newspaper DT the Danish Newspaper

So very much thanks Marissa for translating the article & sending it to me, also thanks to " Søs from the newspaper BT " for the scanning :)

You can read the article here It stays in the family
By Susanne Johansson , The Danish newspaper “BT” 29th of August 2002 & see the pictures HERE

*Thanks to KIKI for this, Total Film (UK) has a large article on Signs

*From Tv 2 Norway thanks to Marissa for this :)

Lopez escaped from fire.
It became too hot for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck when a fire suddenly started in the building.
The couple enjoyed a quiet evening together with Affleck's brother Casey and the moviestar Joaquin Phoenix when a fire suddenly began in the building monday this week.
They were not hurt and were sitting on the sidewalk outside talking with the neighbours until the fire was put out, a witness tells the newspaper "The Sun".
It is uncertain if the fire started in Aflleck's apartment or somewhere else.

28-08-from HERE

J.Lo, Ben Affleck and Friends Evacuated

Jennifer Lopez, Joaquin Phoenix, Ben and Casey Affleck were forced to hang around on the street after a fire broke out in Ben's apartment block last week.

Local Manhattan residents couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the famous four sitting on the street, chilling out while firefighters attended to a fire in the building.

One onlooker says, "They were all just sitting there on the street. Ben and Jennifer were commenting on how cute one neighbour's kids were."

Also from HERE

Lopez and Affleck in Fire Drama

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were forced to flee his New York loft apartment when a fire broke out. The showbiz couple were enjoying a quiet night in with Ben's brother Casey and Joaquin Phoenix when the blaze started on Monday. The four escaped unhurt from the building and called firefighters. An onlooker says, "They were all sitting outside the apartment on the street. It was strange to see celebrities sitting around and talking to the neighbours as the blaze was dealt with. Luckily it was just a small fire that was controlled in no time."

*Thanks to Kiki for this, you can read the whole article here at Joaqrophenia


Joaquin Phoenix has already signed on to play a
detective hired by Reeves' mother to investigate his death,
and James Woods is on board as studio publicist Howard Strickling,
Wells reports

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26-08-Reminder Joaquin might be at The Deauville Festival

*The Deauville Festival

The event, same as Cannes, benefits from the myriad of stars
attending and 2002 will be particularly glamourous. The Festival will
be held from August 30th till September 8th, and we should see the
following stars Jennifer Lopez (for "Enough"?), Ben Affleck, Matt
Damon, Jude Law (for "Road to perdition"), Harrison Ford (for "K-19
The widowmaker"), Asia Argento (for "xXx"), Nicolas Cage, Tom Hanks
(for "Road to perdition") and Joaquin Phoenix (for "Signs").

The directors will also be present,among them: Christopher
Nolan (for "Insomnia"), Kathryn Bigelow (for " K-19 The to
widowmaker "), Neil Labute (for "Possession"), Sam Mendes (for "Road
to perdition"), M. Night Shyamalan (for "Sign") and Rob Cohen
(for "xXx"). 

*These sites: site1, site2 & site 3 are also saying that Joaquin is coming to that festival

*A picture from the Signs Premiere HERE


25-08-A new article Flight Of A Phoenix 23 augustus

*You can see the pictures from the German magazine Glamour at Steve his site, here are the direct links to the pictures 1 2 & 3

If there is anyone who can speak German & is wanting to translate this article for us, that would be great :)

*A old interview about Quills, you can read it HERE, thanks Marissa :) for this (it is translated from french to english)

*Also thanks to Marissa :), Joaquin his birthstone is Topaz, that is kinda sweet, from HERE

October 24 - November 22
Colors: Deep Red and Blue-Green
Plants: Cactus, Ivy and Oak
Flowers: Honeysuckle, Gardenia
Gemstones: Turquoise and Ruby
Birth Stone: Topaz
Power Stone: Hematite
Perfume: Siamese Benzoin
Tarot Card: Death (regeneration)
Animals: Wolf, Gray Lizard
Metals: Iron, Steel
Planet: Pluto
Symbol: Scorpion
Sign Type: Water
Opposite Sign: Taurus


24-08-Thanks to Marissa for this, The Danish filminstitute still has the Danish IAAL premiere to open on the 10th of January 2003 from HERE

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aHappy Birthday River b

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And for the rest of all time
Always be there

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*More on movie Evening: Jane Fonda wants back in movies. Creative Artists' Kevin Huvane is repping her. The Disney project is Susan Minot's book "Evening," with maybe Joaquin Phoenix and Samantha Morton. Tony Goldwyn will direct. It's a story of a dying woman who relives her three-day affair of 40 years ago on an island in Maine.


21-08-On the german site for Joaquin Looking For JP, new picture from Signs, you can see it HERE

*Article Going Around In Circles, behind the scene of Signs, thanks to KIKI for this, I have only took the part of Joaquin out of it, you can read it HERE, if you want to read the whole article go HERE

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